March 1936 Florence Owens and her children at a pea picking field where their vehicle broke down while looking for farm work during the great depression. The image was taken by Dorathea Lange along with six other images, one of which became known as Destitute Pea Pickers. Florence a single mother never once gave up hope, working from dawn til dusk to support her family. As we all over the world go through tough times at the moment remember that everything comes to an end and to not give up hope. This mural is dedicated to all mothers who are doing it tough at the moment and to all those who went through similar situations in the past. Never give up.
Mural is at Read Park Victoria Park below @sondercoffeeperth
. 'Happy Mothers Day For Tomorrow'

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Exactly a year and a day ago.. I had absolutely no idea how I was going to tackle this mural when I was asked to draw this picture on the wall, I just nodded my head and quoted the job 🤣 just smile and wave boys smile and wave 🐧

It turned out freaking awesome and by the looks of how well the pub is doing it might be there for years to come
@jarrahbarandcafe @sorrento_quay

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Lest We Forget those who did not forget about us, those that fought to protect us and those that gave the highest price on order to save us. Amazing to see mine and @scroller_studios work shown on @7perth tied in with Anzac day. Be kind, be safe and Prevail.
@cityofvincent .

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Just completed today.

@hannanshotel @cityofkalgoorlieboulder

Graphite mural

One of the hardest jobs I've ever had to do, but like anything the more difficult it is the more rewarding it is, in life and in art.

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Four walls and seven days ago 💥 ...

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I love how powerful this graphite mural is. Such a striking image. ...

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Graphite drawing on paper

If you have ever had to call someone regarding a snake on your property then there is a good chance you have met this lovely lady, she is our local snake wrangler around joondalup.

I have been on neptune the last few months dealing with shit and i actually drew this on the wrong side of the paper (shakes head) i pressed on though but it still turned out awesome i think. #deancommissionperth

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Often I get in a state of not knowing what to do next when it comes to art, I think the problem comes from actually trying to do too much, there's alot of aspects of art that an artist can choose to do, eg drawing, painting, sculpture and then there's eg realism, pop art, abstract the list goes on and on... the hardest part about creativity is not creating its choosing what to create, is it working for you, are you selling, do people like what you create, do you keep on with what you are doing, it's all tough questions for any creative person. I am constantly trying to discover myself and to find something new to the point that I think about art every second of every day and I am not exaggerating, it consumes my life entirely. I firmly believe that if you work hard you can get what you want, you can achieve those goals you set out to achieve but you have to believe in your self a million %

I painted this painting in anger and frustration of not knowing what to paint so I just did it anyway, maybe I shouldn't have I don't know, there's alot of other things I could have painted, like I said, ' every second of every day' can you see the frustration in the moment..

House of Pain

Acrylic on Canvas

1200mm x 1800mm

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